Friday, April 18, 2008


Bearing children takes away
the freedom of the individual spirit.
- To Give Life, U Must Destroy Life -

A woman's love
is the sun in winter
the moon at night
but the closer you become,
The heat will burn you
& the light will confuse you.
She is the Goddess, the Genius,
Garbed in diamonds & fine silks
upon the throne of forbidden kingdoms
beyond man's reach & understanding.
She watches,
while you lie naked & dumb.
She devours,
while you stand tall
& admit defeat.
Love, in the name of pride.
Scorn, in the defense of fear -
I am hers
& cry endless tears
because of it.

The Day Will Come.
(the day will come)

"To Give Life, U Must Destroy Life."

that is my plan.
that is my hope.
that is my battle cry.

Singing hymns to heaven,
paying homage to hell.

It is the only way.

my child.

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