Monday, April 21, 2008


Strength in a whisper,
Beauty in a sigh
Stranded in the yearning,
Dying once again held softly
in the arms of a blackened sky.

The savior speaks a fragile voice.
"Nirvana is Alive",
but shrouded in darkness and a forever away.
Suffer the love, endure the pain,
sacrifice the need for meaning.
Wonder only confines,
escapes the eyes
& runs free of the mind.
Lies, can be redeeming.

What is hope without the promise of heaven?
And nothing more.

Breathe life into deaths soul,
only to choke on the bone.
Silenced. Defeated.
Summon the poet child,
naked & insane
obscure & alone.
Return, & let go.
This will be the last of time's futures.


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