Saturday, May 24, 2008


Man does not speak
w/ words alone.
Man does not walk
w/ mere bone.
Man is,
& only is,
if he is at all.

Life is
& only is,
if it is at all.
Love is.
Love just is,
if it is at all.

Man does not live
by life alone.
Man does not love
w/ mere bone.
It all is
& only just is,
if it is at all.

I Have (What Else)

I have written no word.
I have sung no song.
I have spoke no language.
I have whispered no truth.
- I have dreamed no silence.

I have fought no fight.
I have raised no flag.
I have shed no tear nor drop of blood.
I have hailed no leader.
- I have embraced no peace.

I have scaled no mountain.
I have reached no star.
I have held no secrets.
I have enforced no lies.
- I have faith in no god.

I have witnessed only desperate joy.
I have celebrated no glory.
I have mourned no suffering.
I have loved no life nor being.
- I have wonder no more.

God, - It's an easy way out, isn't it?


Pour me over you.
Feel me,
melting into your skin,
your hair
your eyes.
Im no longer a man,
no longer a lover
no longer human.
Im within you,
a spirit
a muse
a lie.
Feel me come within,
the tremors of my quake.
You flutter.
You wince.
You shake.
You enter into another world.
You wonder what it could of been,
that permitted me to do this -
and then its over.
You lie still, unbothered.
The time of the universe seems to be on your side,
all material problems forgotten
almost laughed at,
as they gently float away.
But then you ruin it
distracted by its purpose.
Like a foolish little girl - you look for me
but Im not there.
You run to the window - call out my name
but Im not there.
You break open every door - and scream for my presence.
Still, Im not there.
You cry,
though a tear doesnt fall.
You collapse,
though a knee doesnt bend.
You wonder,
yet not thought resolves.
In time,
you will realize,
Im you

Art by V. O'byrne

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Curse the indignity, inherit the suffering
live, thru the shame.
The dream is neither lost nor forgotten.
It is ignored, & I am diminished, humanized.
Saviour to no one, a blind witness
helpless to a monster of doubt
and it's circle of isolation.
Where is the tempter, the seductress
to lead me out from under these mortal restraints?
Forsake this maddening life
and it's sense of persecution.
These bars are wearing thin.
Cast out the demon song.
For there must be purpose,
there must be reason.
And Love.....
Relevant of yesterday
Faith in tomorrow
The hollow charade of the common day
Loss and sorrow
Threatened into a constant urgency to do something,
anything that could matter
and free us of our
eternal helplessness.
Exorcise our conscious being from death's unshrouded heart
The darkness that haunts our dying prayer
The only evil here is uncertain inevitability
The unforgiving stranger secretly bestowed below our brows.
If there were to be nothing, I must ask
why would there be anything?
Mankind, merely machine made of blood, brain & bone
oblivious to it's own creation
far from infinite and possessor of nothing?
Or the spawn of angels
mind raped and w/ amnesia of the soul
held silent by the promise of damnation?
The truth will never be.
And God....The Love
I have felt it's breath
pale & distant
void of sacrifice
absent of forever
It keeps us warm though never safe.
The spirit is cold & always alone
afraid & confused
suspicious of everything
We are beasts & demons.
Not gods. Not innocent.
We sin to know we are alive
unable to love enough to know
we are not dead.
Our peace is waiting,
we are so conditioned to believe.
And Life...
The glorified offering
Let it be known
from star to shiny star,
it has been refused.

Art by JJ Andre

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Harmony Of Despair

Cry out into the faithless night
Bow down upon the fallen souls
Extract no meaning
but hear their voices
Symphonies of The Damned
Become one
w/ many.
Shed the skins of all safety & solace.
No more balance.
No trust in anything, again.
We are the only one true witness
& we call upon your name to deliver us
not from evil, but from salvation.
Saviours we have, in expendable supply.
- The promises of forever can not eclipse
the dread of today -
It is now we stand in blindness
bound by shadows that has kept
our hearts cold,
our feelings numb.
The secret must be revealed.
All will be forgiven.
Becoming many, w/ one.
Overture of Sorrow
Bleeding is Believing
Forget & begin yet again.
The Birth of a God
Pleased to meet you New Born King


Deny forgiveness
red curls of hair
Deny truth
pale skin
red lips
I dare you to forgive me
evil pure one
crooked visions
narrow detail
Deny all &
respect the urge
and surge
into your being
into your death
I'll suck our your soul
make your peace
I'm coming
bathe in the waste
the divine shower
I swear to your existence
I suffer at your feet
I kneel at your altar
Deny no more
flesh for thought
flesh for flesh
slayed & sacrificed
new religion
new life
I beg you for my forgiveness
stealing your shadowy virtue
convict me
resistance is futile
deity to the stars & beyond
beyond even you
I'll swallow you whole
the creator is waiting
He will wait forever

Art by R. Hillebrand

Life No More

Can't find my way to you
Blind in the dust
Feel too much
Want to sleep it away
forever if needed
Life no more
Quiet calm deliver me
Sick & twisted
contorted to truth
Want to kill
when I wanted to love
Want to die
never wanted to live
not once
Life no more
Surrounded my eyes w/ purposeful intentions
meant to distract
Filled my hands w/ play things
& kept them clean
Washed away the blood,
& the grief
replaced it all w/ a smile.
Life no more
Life never was

Art by F.S King

Gothic Beauty
Dark & Sinister Purpose
The Beast Within
Sweet Taste Of Blood
Draped In Death
Stalk The Heavens
A Life Embraced
Feeding Time
The Night Beckons
Dark & Sinister Purpose

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Held Loosely In The Arms Of No One

Lips burdened.
Eyes hidden behind fences of skin
walls of fear.
I touch you like imprisoned humans touch
& nothing more.
Buried in the losses of the past
sustaining only for losses of the future.
I am yours to create
yours to destroy.
I ask only, for you to be gentle.
Hands that leak of hesitation -
arms, legs, escaping in near perfection
the oblique realms of tiny scavengers.
The tune you whisper so freely is a pleasant one.
Still, I have heard better.
Teased in fiery display of movement
w/out conscious effort for control
sound w/out use for words
I forfeit the promise I swore to keep
& become father to your pain
mother to your desires,
a groping prince of need.
There's more to life than life itself
or so I will say
when the monster's breath
is dark & heavy
& I am held loosely in the arms
of no one.