Saturday, May 24, 2008


Pour me over you.
Feel me,
melting into your skin,
your hair
your eyes.
Im no longer a man,
no longer a lover
no longer human.
Im within you,
a spirit
a muse
a lie.
Feel me come within,
the tremors of my quake.
You flutter.
You wince.
You shake.
You enter into another world.
You wonder what it could of been,
that permitted me to do this -
and then its over.
You lie still, unbothered.
The time of the universe seems to be on your side,
all material problems forgotten
almost laughed at,
as they gently float away.
But then you ruin it
distracted by its purpose.
Like a foolish little girl - you look for me
but Im not there.
You run to the window - call out my name
but Im not there.
You break open every door - and scream for my presence.
Still, Im not there.
You cry,
though a tear doesnt fall.
You collapse,
though a knee doesnt bend.
You wonder,
yet not thought resolves.
In time,
you will realize,
Im you

Art by V. O'byrne

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