Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Harmony Of Despair

Cry out into the faithless night
Bow down upon the fallen souls
Extract no meaning
but hear their voices
Symphonies of The Damned
Become one
w/ many.
Shed the skins of all safety & solace.
No more balance.
No trust in anything, again.
We are the only one true witness
& we call upon your name to deliver us
not from evil, but from salvation.
Saviours we have, in expendable supply.
- The promises of forever can not eclipse
the dread of today -
It is now we stand in blindness
bound by shadows that has kept
our hearts cold,
our feelings numb.
The secret must be revealed.
All will be forgiven.
Becoming many, w/ one.
Overture of Sorrow
Bleeding is Believing
Forget & begin yet again.
The Birth of a God
Pleased to meet you New Born King

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