Wednesday, July 10, 2013

for Melis

And like a wave from the ocean’s crest,
I was seized by her delicate grace, her defiant beauty.
Turned and twisted, uncovering a mystery with no beginning,
and no foreseeable end.
Confounded by the dark eyes.
Rocked by the gentle sway of fragile hips.
I sunk into her depths like a masochist, born of pure desire
- baited on a hook of unrefined innocence.
How could I escape?
How could I not be drawn by such a Love?
She is the wonder in all my faiths.
She is the magic in all my dreams.
“Swallow me whole and consume me with The Passion,” I cry -
drowning in the glory of her mercy.
“I will never be still again.”

I will never be…One, again.