Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Unlimited Penetration
Hints Of Futility
Prevention Of Paradise
Love - Greed - Freedom
Lust For The Essence Of A Concept
The Concept Of "Real" Life
(Before, During, & After Death)
Personal Absorption,
In Pleasure -
& Misery - & Self - & Nothing
- & Nothing


At Will

my hollow soul
beckoned to feel her warmth
but thy will is strong
such will deserves more
than what it is, and why
the urge,
to go further
to the core,
of our desire.
persuade me not to go
though intolerable, are the implications.
false words, and a timeless gift,
all joining
I must go.
I yearn to see, to hear, to feel,
all that is to be.
I mustn't doubt my expectations.
I should plunge carelessly in
free of regret
ignorant of sin,
to the core -
but thy will is still very strong
and such a will deserves even more,
than whatever could be,
and why.

Art by Fenrir

This World Is Not Chosen


strange movement
subtle, but direct
the walk
more movement
sarcasmic pledges
to previous "ups and downs"
a game
a big lie
the draping of an arm around a waist
a quest for a way out
the hardest and easiest part is over
critical journey
more words
more pledges
same game
more lies
the placing of a hand upon a desired area
the closing of the same hand, squeezed firmly
a yelp, then a laugh
they're on their way
a door opens and shuts
a bed makes two new friends
all three lose their skins
- and bare their souls


"What do you believe in?"


I dont believe in believing
I dont believe in believing
I dont believe in believing

It's not that I dont believe in god,
or the devil
or rock n roll
or him
or you
or me
I just dont believe in believing

nothing you can tell me
will change my mind
Im not lost - Im not blind
Im not found
I am here - I am there
I am up and I am down
I am everywhere and all around
Im not you and Im not me
I am god - I am free
Im whatever I say I am to be
Im not here for you
Im not here for them
Im here for me
(why reach when you can teach)
(not to preach but why reach)
(and if you were to reach, why worship some stranger,
some thing that doesnt even exist?
why feel the need to worship
when its you who does exist - at least, who needs worshiping,
at least the occasional "pat on the back"
- at least, at least)


eliminate the middle man
and soon you wont be able to resist
that overpowering urge to be Jesus himself

so when you ask me what do I believe in
its not that I dont believe in anything -
its just that I dont believe

Art by P. Lapiedra
Photo of Zuleidy

A Love

a love massive, and mannerless, and matterless
a love magnificent, and misplaced, and marvelous
a love meager, and meaningless, and morose
a love mesmerizing, and magnetic, and mindless
a love mistimed, and mirage-like, and messy
a love mere, and monstrous, and made
a love moving, and mythical, and mean
a love molested, and muffled, and mixed
a love motherless, and mind-altering, and mute
- and missing