Friday, November 21, 2008

I Am The Darkness

feed the loneliness
serve the despair
so empty and discarded
unloved, unequaled, unrelenting
true madness
cloaked in fiction
bloodstained soul
outlived purpose
waiting to die
no truth left to conquer
age defined
battle tested
each moment another scar
a ghost among you
a shadow cut thru you
I am the darkness
I am the end

fuel the misery
ignite with guilt
so vain and pointless
demented, distorted, denied
foul perceptions
soaked in vanity
the eyes of the god
the mourning of consciousness
newborn prisons
no love left to dismantle
endless spiral
grief infested
forever in the dread
a saviour...
a death...
this is the darkness
this is the end

Original art by H.R. Giger

Friday, November 14, 2008


the day no longer holds a meaning.
can not be held accountable for what may happen.

not a warning,
not a threat
only truth upon lie - lie upon truth.

distant beauty
forged in time
so far from reason

how to continue

angels don't exist.

my pain is not relevant.

what sorrow can there be
if no blood is spilled?
when is the possible
not possible enough?

(Today could be the day when I die.
Today could be the day, when I say goodbye.)

This is how I am.
I will never be anything more.

no truth befallen a forgotten angel

lies, are my soldiers.
faith, my war.

gather all you devils,
and heed my call.
your sweet seduction has turned a mite sour.
your blind obedient stares have lost their focus.

advocate of death.
undertaker of being.
insert god here.

Shadow Womb

long for a stranger's touch
to bathe in your healing shadow
whisper the name only U know
arms outstretched and waiting
pull me in
into your frail uncertainty
careless and deliberate
safe in your sacrifice
devour the need
escape the night
instant reveal
I know no other

lost in your distance
cleanse me of my disease
from so far to so near
eyes pierce the forgiving sadness
guarded and merciless
free of this house of sin
its cage of criminal contentment
no longer a moment can I spare
w/out your angelic gaze
to shame me into a forgotten truth
no longer a thought can I lend
w/out your charms of disconnect
to deliver me of this fake empire
no longer a soul will be
w/out your fallen guise
laid softly at my feet

love thru broken glass
scoured in the bleeding
can you see me now?
alone in your wonder
instant reverence
I know but one other


cold emptiness forms around me,
a black cloak of shameful impurity

The Darkness knows my middle name.
It calls me out.


prophet of my own demise
still, I weep
still, I long
for one shred of your uncaring existence

I would never have left You


I reach for nothing.


The shattered pieces of my abandoned soul rain down like drops of blood from a mortal wound.
The world will know of my pain.
It will shower in the pure majestic bliss of my eternal Misery.
You will feel my loss

Remember me?
Im the Silent Warrior of All that is Love.
My kingdom come.
My will be done.
Bow down!
Upon your knees.

Yes, Im sorry too...

Photo of The Preacher

Sunday, November 9, 2008


What a hollow charade this mortal life,
the unsuspecting lure of what never will become.

Is it all not for the faint of mind?

Pardon my intrusion upon this god forsaken land.

Is it too much to ask even for a moment of your precious time?

Love is the folly by which all other lies must compare.

Our end is the stalker,
waiting like an impatient child

dressed in Misery,

and despair.

Storm Shelter

What of the storm that never comes
What of the promises never kept
Can you tell me of a fallen angel, the morning star
Can you feel what they say can't be felt
Can you hear all that never a soul was meant to hear
What will you show me
that I already have not seen

It's almost over.

The storm that never was will come again.
And all will not be forgiven.
And all will not be found.

Will someone come from the shadows
to bless this hollowed ground
Will someone come from the stars
and make a path to reason

Alone for one more day
Alone for all to see

The hour weighs down upon us.

Can no longer breathe this poisoned air
Can no longer bear
the sound of your voice
Must make my own way
Have it all wash over me
like the blood of a million dead souls
begging to be fucked one last time

The storm that never was
may never come,

Before her breath could touch me
Before her hair could drape it's long warm blanket of mystery upon me
Before her words could no longer sting with the force
of a thousand tiny needles,

I saw a chance.

After the blades were pulled from my back
After the ringing had shattered my ears
And after all is said and never won,

I heard a rumor.

I felt a love.

And I became,

Another victim.

Photo of Zorgh