Friday, November 14, 2008

Shadow Womb

long for a stranger's touch
to bathe in your healing shadow
whisper the name only U know
arms outstretched and waiting
pull me in
into your frail uncertainty
careless and deliberate
safe in your sacrifice
devour the need
escape the night
instant reveal
I know no other

lost in your distance
cleanse me of my disease
from so far to so near
eyes pierce the forgiving sadness
guarded and merciless
free of this house of sin
its cage of criminal contentment
no longer a moment can I spare
w/out your angelic gaze
to shame me into a forgotten truth
no longer a thought can I lend
w/out your charms of disconnect
to deliver me of this fake empire
no longer a soul will be
w/out your fallen guise
laid softly at my feet

love thru broken glass
scoured in the bleeding
can you see me now?
alone in your wonder
instant reverence
I know but one other

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