Friday, November 14, 2008


the day no longer holds a meaning.
can not be held accountable for what may happen.

not a warning,
not a threat
only truth upon lie - lie upon truth.

distant beauty
forged in time
so far from reason

how to continue

angels don't exist.

my pain is not relevant.

what sorrow can there be
if no blood is spilled?
when is the possible
not possible enough?

(Today could be the day when I die.
Today could be the day, when I say goodbye.)

This is how I am.
I will never be anything more.

no truth befallen a forgotten angel

lies, are my soldiers.
faith, my war.

gather all you devils,
and heed my call.
your sweet seduction has turned a mite sour.
your blind obedient stares have lost their focus.

advocate of death.
undertaker of being.
insert god here.

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