Saturday, May 10, 2008


Deny forgiveness
red curls of hair
Deny truth
pale skin
red lips
I dare you to forgive me
evil pure one
crooked visions
narrow detail
Deny all &
respect the urge
and surge
into your being
into your death
I'll suck our your soul
make your peace
I'm coming
bathe in the waste
the divine shower
I swear to your existence
I suffer at your feet
I kneel at your altar
Deny no more
flesh for thought
flesh for flesh
slayed & sacrificed
new religion
new life
I beg you for my forgiveness
stealing your shadowy virtue
convict me
resistance is futile
deity to the stars & beyond
beyond even you
I'll swallow you whole
the creator is waiting
He will wait forever

Art by R. Hillebrand

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