Sunday, May 11, 2008


Curse the indignity, inherit the suffering
live, thru the shame.
The dream is neither lost nor forgotten.
It is ignored, & I am diminished, humanized.
Saviour to no one, a blind witness
helpless to a monster of doubt
and it's circle of isolation.
Where is the tempter, the seductress
to lead me out from under these mortal restraints?
Forsake this maddening life
and it's sense of persecution.
These bars are wearing thin.
Cast out the demon song.
For there must be purpose,
there must be reason.
And Love.....
Relevant of yesterday
Faith in tomorrow
The hollow charade of the common day
Loss and sorrow
Threatened into a constant urgency to do something,
anything that could matter
and free us of our
eternal helplessness.
Exorcise our conscious being from death's unshrouded heart
The darkness that haunts our dying prayer
The only evil here is uncertain inevitability
The unforgiving stranger secretly bestowed below our brows.
If there were to be nothing, I must ask
why would there be anything?
Mankind, merely machine made of blood, brain & bone
oblivious to it's own creation
far from infinite and possessor of nothing?
Or the spawn of angels
mind raped and w/ amnesia of the soul
held silent by the promise of damnation?
The truth will never be.
And God....The Love
I have felt it's breath
pale & distant
void of sacrifice
absent of forever
It keeps us warm though never safe.
The spirit is cold & always alone
afraid & confused
suspicious of everything
We are beasts & demons.
Not gods. Not innocent.
We sin to know we are alive
unable to love enough to know
we are not dead.
Our peace is waiting,
we are so conditioned to believe.
And Life...
The glorified offering
Let it be known
from star to shiny star,
it has been refused.

Art by JJ Andre

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