Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Lull In Inspiration

Faith is trust w/out reason.
- who's carrying who? -
I look around this empty room
& all I find are empty thoughts
guided by empty needs.
Who am I to reason?
Who am I to run away?

- Substance over Symbolism -
(put your flags away)
(bury your crosses deep into the earth)
Scattered pieces of my tortured soul
lie naked & burning in the blistering heat.
Who am I to beg forgiveness?
Who am I to doubt your name?
"Is it truth or metaphor?
Nirvana or just another door?"
u cant tempt me.
(u - cant - tempt me)

O where is Jesus to wash my feet?

I could walk thru a crowd of millions
& never see a soul.
I could dream a thousand dreams,
make love to a hundred,
& never once speak of love.
I watch, though I do not see.
I listen, though I do not hear.
I touch, but I do not feel.
I breathe, but I do not live.
(I run, yet I do not fear)
Lift me up, hold me in your arms
& carry me away.
It is time.

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