Friday, April 25, 2008

Death Of My Heart

Saddened by your unconquerable beauty
when all it leaves me is helpless, & so alone.
The day will come
when I will shield my eyes
& breathe in confidently this torturous earth
& exhale only what is to be
the breath of a new & wondrous creation; possibility.
Where I am no longer the aspiring hero of
"O what such great distraught!"
no longer a grieving spirit forsaking emotion,
pondering illusions
no more the cowering victim of such magnificent froth.

I was the soul you would kill for,
die for,
live, & yet live again for.
But who am I today
& who was I just yesterday
& who will I again be tomorrow?

No one can hurt me now.
No one can touch this.
I have felt the death of my heart,
& its all around me.
Encompassing, & black,
& leaking-
of faithless purity.

Art by Katarzina Widmanska - "as nothing dares to worth"

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