Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Love Is Insanity

She slips into my mind a welcome intruder
teasing, tattering, turning me on.
Each motion a conceived plan
each word a velvet hand
soothing only what I allow
myself to understand.
She falls without the knowledge of safety
without the concern for failure.
Im impressed.
I envision us alone in a life
of paper value & mushroom philosophy.
It doesnt stop me from wanting her.
Worlds I can deny, dreams I can forget,
reality I can insist is deception.
Neither can survive each other's death,
neither can master the pain of regret.
She lands between the shadows of my thoughts
escaping beautifully this foolish cry for love.
I offer one final plea,
one secret gesture
extending my hand & so much more.
She takes it , gets up,
& just walks away.
Love is insanity

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