Friday, April 18, 2008

Still Life

She looked me in the eye w/ a caution unsurpassed,
intently searching for what she hoped would be there.
But it wasn't.
My arm hung loosely, draped, & leveled,
over & in & upon
the cars' creaking door
Afraid to speak -
We lingered deeply into confusion
& knew whatever had brought us together
so gently & quiet
had turned into a
rabid dog of doubt & discontent.
- She began to walk away
but something stopped her.
She looked me in the eye again
searching further, desperately digging
but again,
it wasn't there.
She reached for my arm and rubbed it hard.
Up & down my forearm, wrist, & then
softly the back of my hand - almost consoling me,
until she was gone.
Never have I loved any more.
Never have I hated any less.

Art by Bouguereau

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