Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Mercyful Fate

I have to let it all go -
for me, & all the lives I've touched...
Not a Sacrifice – Not Redemption,
Just Compassion.
I don't ever want to Love again.
I don't ever even want to feel again.
I give up.
Whatever control I thought I had,
was a Lie.
Whatever Goodness there was inside me,
is all but gone.
Take me to The End of This Horrible Life
- I can no longer wait.
Every Night I Pray
the Morning never comes.
Every moment I wake,
is another stake in my Heart.

There is No God.
There is No “Her”
There is only me.

Must I be Cursed to walk Forever
in the Shadow of my own Indiscretion
Must I be Mercyful
in the Face of my Pain?

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