Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Celebration Of Sadness

I feel myself slipping away
(a little further each day)
They took a tiger out of the jungle
& put him in a zoo.
Everything that sustained my life (& distracted me)
has now been taken away forever.
Hopeless, Empty, & Unforgiven
Existing only to Exist
My God has not only forsaken me,
but has condemned me,
banished me,
turned everything that was so pure & innocent
into something Evil & Shameful.

Sin Born From Love Burns Desire.

How can so much feeling ever be controlled,
let alone, be put an end to?
The One I Worshiped & Adored,
Loved & Secured
holds nothing but Hatred & Disdain
in a once Open & Selfless Heart.
How could something once so full of Light
grow so Dark?
Am I so incapable of understanding?
Am I really The Mad Man
I fought so hard not to become?
There is only but one truth that remains -
Its Over.
It is time to end.
End me.

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