Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sheltered Wing

Plastered by the emptiness.
Solitude has never been so fully endured as it has today.
The life I live leads ajar,
and praises it's ignoble fray.
No poet or thought it bring,
no song or diamond ring,
shall bid this hollow shell astray,
it's sheltered wing.
No work of art or fancy car,
no hint of inspiration or theft of time,
can deliver thy,
from such this sordid hell.
Pent-up for mere inklings of reprieval,
secreted, diminishing,
a one way path to certain,
and sincere upheaval.
Dowse the bitterness, the loneliness
with whatever pride that doth remain.
Angelic whispers elude my reason,
and sever the tricklings of thought into saltless, colored rain.
I remember. I remember it all,
and nothing.
I remember it's emotion,
though not it's time.
The words I used
and the gestures I made
stand helpless.
The mind sits alone.
What once shined so brightly
is now only shade.

Was this ever my home?

Art by D Bruce Yalton

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